Welcome to the official website for Chrishall village hosted by the Parish Council.

Last updated on 5th June 2019.

The Parish Clerk maintained an e-mail list for rapid distribution of information for residents. However following the introduction of the General Data Protection Act in 2018 this list has been removed and residents must now opt in to be included. Residents can e-mail the Parish Clerk to be included in the new distribution list. email CPC Clerk

Since this site was first established a number of complimentary sites have been constructed. Repetition of information can easily lead to inconsistencies and confusion. Meeting with those responsible for the other sites it has been agreed that these sites should be rationalised with links to and from each site. The CPC will focus on current CPC matters. The Village Hall site will focus on activities and events within the Halls. The physical Village Archive site will maintain physical copies of such publications as the village newsletter. The Village History site will maintain all historical matters including the electronic archive of the village newsletter. These changes will be effected in early 2019.

Chrishall is a small village in north west Essex close to both the Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire borders. There has been a community here for at least 900 years as confirmed in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Chrishall’s location is key to its character with the parish being the highest point in Essex at 500 feet above sea level. Modern roads have avoided this high ground and therefore Chrishall is considered to be off the beaten track. Despite its relative isolation the village has a strong community spirit with excellent facilities such as a pre-school as well as a superb infant and junior school. The village also boasts a sports field, a new playground, a church, many clubs and societies as well as the obligatory pub.

Chrishall’s population has remained largely unchanged over the last 170 years. In 1841 it totalled 518 and today about 450 people live in the village.

Communication around Chrishall is second to none, with easy access to major road systems (M11, A1 & A10) as well as regular train services from Royston, Audley End and Cambridge.

We hope this website will provide much of the information that you need to enjoy life in the village. If you think any additions or changes are needed please let us know by using our Contact form.