Local Charities

The Brand Trust

Financial hardship during Coronavirus lockdown

The Brand Trust is available to help those who live within the parish of Chrishall. We offer financial help. We know that the government is giving assistance but we are sure there will be people who will be in a serious financial situation. The Brand Trust is here to help where we can.

If your household income is expected to be significantly affected and below £2,000 per month and you need financial assistance then please contact one of the Trustees:-

Sue Pegram 838185 susie.pegram@gmail.com, Jane Gravett 838018 jane@gravett.org.uk,

Mark Garrett 838409 , Bill Rodda 838386 jbrodda1@gmail.com

We will need to ask you some personal information but we can assure you that it will remain confidential.

The Brand Trust was founded in 1989 and have we have been distributing to many applicants within the village. In spite of our investments having dropped by some 30% in the last few weeks we feel that its important to be able to help people now.

The Trust was founded in 1989 on the death of Mr William Walter Brand, a local farmer and landowner. It was incorporated in 1994 and commenced its duties from September 1995.

The main object of the trust, which has been approved by the Charity Commissioners, is to give support to those in our community who are in need, hardship or distress. The scheme is available to anyone resident in the parochial boundaries – the parish of Chrishall, with Chrishall Grange and Killems Green. The Trustees are particularly keen to help with further education, be that for course fees, books, equipment or transport costs. Other areas covered are disability aids (eg stair lifts/bath hoists), financial matters, essential furniture, kitchen equipment, heating, medical and respite care. The trust can help with music lessons, post graduate courses, school outings, mortgage and tax arrears, house repairs, computers. Group organisation applications can cover help with setting up new groups, sporting activities and equipment, etc.

There are currently 5 trustees comprising:

  • 1 ex-officio trustee – the incumbent of the United Benefice (the Vicar)
  • 4 nominated trustees (who are nominated as stipulated by the Trust Deed) with 2 nominated by the Parish Council (Mark Garrett and Sue Pegram) and 2 nominated by the Parochial Church Council (Bill Rodda and Jane Gravett)

They serve for a term of 4 years.

Please contact any of the following trustees for information and application

Jane Gravett, Ellerslie, Crawley End 838018
Sue Pegram, 33 High Street 838185 susie.pegram@gmail.com
Mark Garrett, 36 High Street 838409 deganwy@waitrose.com
Bill Rodda, Mullion Cottage, Church Road 838386 jenny-bill-rodda@tiscali.co.uk

Lettice Martin Charity

The charity was created in 1562 by Lettice Martin, a widow, of Chrishall, Essex, for the benefit of the poor inhabitants of Chrishall and various other parishes in Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Over time the income has reduced.

The trustees of the Lettice Martin charity for Chrishall were the parish councillors. As at 5th May 2019 the account has been dormant for some years and arrangements are in hand to distribute the balance in accordance with charities stated aims.

Khandel light

This charity was founded in 2000 by a Chrishall resident, Dr. Peter Gough, for the purpose of raising funds for villages in the Khandel region of Rajasthan in north west India. You can learn more about the work undertaken by this charity by clicking here.