Village History

The link below will take you to many old photographs of the village along with written records.
For an amazing insight into Chrishall in days past: Chrishall history

What you will find is not intended to be a detailed history but is designed to give visitors a feel for what life was like in Chrishall during the early part of the twentieth century. It is particularly aimed at the genealogist who perhaps has never visited Chrishall and wishes to visualise the kind of community whence his or her ancestor came. Photographs - especially people at work and play in Chrishall, will be welcome.

The written records page holds family trees, snippets from old gazettes and census details.

The Morph Movies Page has links to some clever "morphs" produced by Rosemarie Gant.

Photos and collages from Ken and Pam Wyatt

Ken Wyatt was the first headmaster of the new primary school on his arrival in the village in 1973. There are many group and class photos from the 1970s and 80s and photos of the Bishop at the opening; plus photos of Coronation Street actress Noel Dyson visiting the school.

Some of the photos were used by the Wyatts as the basis for collages.

Visit here

If you can help with further identification - or indeed have any other photos you feel would be worth adding to the site - please contact the Village History website's owner, Robert Walden.

Chrishall Museum

Sadly, over recent years the visitor numbers to the Chrishall Museum have declined and, after the passing away of Mrs Cranwell in January 2010, the Friends of the Museum closed it on July 15th 2010.

The Museum was founded by Mrs. Irene Cranwell with her private collection of artefacts and it was opened by Mr. Christopher South on September 30th 1989 in the grounds of Chrishall Methodist church.

As it was mobile then, it was taken to various events including Wimpole Hall,
Ashdon and Ickleton and it was on show at Radio Cambridgeshire for
one of their Open days.

The Chrishall Recorders/Friends of the Museum have been working with the Recorders of Uttlesford History to develop a village history archive. So far the Chrishall information recorded in the archive is limited but you can see the archive here.