Brand Pavilion

Brand Pavilion.

The pavilion operates as a cricket pavilion in the summer months and a community hub all year round. It is home to both the village archive and the library. It is used for social and community events, as well as providing facilities for the village youth club and small, volunteer-led groups. It is managed by the Pavilion User Groups (PUGS), chaired by Councillor Tracey Slade.


Library: Barbara Smith tel. 01763 838626
Chrishall Archive Group: Rosemarie Gant tel. 07913 442574
Youth Club: Tracey Slade
Cricket Club: Lucas Ling tel. 01763 837309
Drop-in-and-Draw: Paula Parish tel. 01763 836240
Learn to Knit and Crochet: Carol Blackeby

The calendar for the pavilion activities is Here

Playing Fields.

Co-located with the school and the Brand Pavilion, the playing fields, together with the children's play area, are mostly owned and maintained by the Parish council.

Robert Reed Hall.

The hall, formerly the village hall, is adjacent to the school and is currently leased to the school to house the pre-school group.