Village Facilities

Village Hall.

Chrishall Village Hall is a registered charity, no 301281, and the management committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Village Hall and consists of its officers plus representatives from the village groups and organisations who regularly use it.

The current committee is:

•Chairman: Guy Rackham

•Treasurer: Helen Melville-Smith

•Secretary: Richard Keeling

•Premises Refurbishment: Mike Dearman

•Clubs & Groups Representative: Ian Maris

•Parish Council Representative: John Kay

•W.I. Representative: Clare Godfrey

•Bookings Secretary: Melanie Chandler

•Bookings Administrator: Clare Godfrey

•: Ian Rogers

The address is:

Village Hall
Crawley End

The village Hall committee provide their own web site: Village Hall Village Hall website which provides an on-line booking facility.

Brand Pavilion.

This is a sports pavilion which also shares the building with the village archive centre and the library.

The calendar for the pavilion activities is Here

Playing Fields.

Co-located with the school and the Brand Pavilion the playing fields, together with the children's play area are mostly owned and maintained by the Parish council.

Robert Reid Hall.

The hall, formerly the village hall, is adjacent to he school and is currently leased to the county council to house the pre-school group.