What We Do and our Regulations

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government, after the County Council and the District Council, but it is a non-political body. It is the ‘grass roots’ and as such is in the best position to understand and represent the views of the local community.

Parish Council responsibilities are surprisingly varied and below are some of the main activities recently carried out for the benefit of the village:

  • Adventure playground construction and maintenance
  • Overall responsibility for the village hall
  • Ensuring village roads and footpaths are maintained
  • Responsibility for maintenance of verges and open spaces e.g. Jigneys Meadow
  • Ensuring the village ponds are maintained
  • Maintenance of village bus shelters, notice boards and benches
  • Consideration of all planning applications which concern the parish
  • Responsibility for special projects such as village appraisals e.g. the Parish Plan

The Parish Council also has a Facebook page, although this website will remain the main repository of detailed information on our activities:

  • www.facebook.com/pg/ChrishallPC
  • Chrishall Parish Regulations

  • Councillors code of conduct
  • Standing Orders
  • Financial Regulations
  • Grievance policy
  • Disciplinary policy and procedure
  • Risk Assessment
  • Co-option Policy